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If you’re struggling in your life with anything from addiction, lack of motivation, weight issues, depression to sleep deprivation, phobias or anxiety then get ready…

…because your breakthrough is just around the corner!

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  • During the end of 2018 I experienced an Emotional and Psychotic breakdown due to many problems. I had become a totally out of control masked up version of myself due... read more

    Jamie Allcock Avatar Jamie Allcock
    1st October 2020

    I went to Mark with a needle phobia following a previous hypnotherapy session elsewhere that I didnt feel had helped. I was due to have surgery and after just one... read more

    Mandy Naulls Avatar Mandy Naulls
    1st October 2019

    So far, I'm only half way through my process with Mark, and the results have been fantastic. I've have several anxiety conditions, and so far Mark has really helped me... read more

    Patrick Tew Avatar Patrick Tew
    1st October 2018
  • Mark has helped me massively over the past year or more and I could not thank him enough!! I’d suffered for years with massive anxiety and many depressive episodes, and... read more

    F Hanson Avatar F Hanson
    1st October 2021

    I will always be grateful to my Wingman for helping me to help myself, mark works closely with you on all levels of emotions, strips you bare and helps... read more

    Jeanette Holden Avatar Jeanette Holden
    1st October 2019

    Mark helped me to break my negative thought pattern which I couldn’t have done without him. Life wasn’t great and I was turning into somebody I didn’t want to be;... read more

    Sam Sclater Avatar Sam Sclater
    1st October 2020
  • I came to see Mark when I was in a bad way. A series of personal issues and tribulations had got me to the point where I felt I had... read more

    Paul Compton Avatar Paul Compton
    1st February 2022

    Took my 13 year old son to see him as he’s been having emotional problems and struggles with school environment and just been heading in the wrong direction in life... read more

    martin kennedy Avatar martin kennedy
    1st October 2019

    I've been able to let go of grief, and past problems I've been carrying for years. I'm so pleased I chose to see Mark, his positivity is infectious. He's the... read more

    Sara Bradford Avatar Sara Bradford
    1st May 2022
  • This man is one in a million! So I had suffered from a gambling addiction, and was in a pretty dark place for a long time. I could never see... read more

    Josh Elliot Avatar Josh Elliot
    1st October 2021

    I suffered with anxiety for about 5 months when I went to see Mark. They anxiety started after I fainted at my boyfriends Christmas party. The thought of going out... read more

    Mary Finch Avatar Mary Finch
    1st October 2019

    During the end of 2018 I experienced an Emotional and Psychotic breakdown due to many problems. I had become a totally out of control masked up version of myself due... read more

    jamie allcock Avatar jamie allcock
    1st October 2020
  • Mark was recommended to me by friends and I'm so pleased they did. I suffer from anxiety, particularly when travelling and flying but after seeing Mark, he taught me... read more

    Jan Bloomfield Avatar Jan Bloomfield
    1st October 2018

    I met Mark through his help with our youngest who was not his true self. After the success and positivity seen Mark has not only helped me but is an... read more

    David Nicholson Avatar David Nicholson
    1st October 2018

    I can’t thank Mark enough for helping me overcome my driving test anxiety. Everyone kept telling me that test nerves were normal but for me it was more than just... read more

    Annabelle Goode Avatar Annabelle Goode
    1st October 2018
  • Mark helped my 10 year old son, to overcome his OCD and behaviours that were having a huge impact on his self esteem. after seeing Mark , it was wonderful... read more

    pantelis polymeropoulos Avatar pantelis polymeropoulos
    1st October 2021

    What a guy this man is helped me through some really tough times in his sessions and has always been at the other end of the phone for advice and... read more

    Luke staines Avatar Luke staines
    1st October 2021

    For years I suffered with severe anxiety and depression. I would constantly be worrying about things that weren’t even there to worry about and I was very snappy and edgy... read more

    Cody ohara Avatar Cody ohara
    1st October 2019
  • My name is Kai. When I first went to see Mark I couldn't even bring myself to say hello to him. I relied on my mum talking for me. My... read more

    Jules Layden Avatar Jules Layden
    1st October 2020

    I would highly recommend Mark to anyone. He helped me a lot with my debilitating phobias. He is so genuine and kind.

    Naomi Willoughby Avatar Naomi Willoughby
    1st October 2021

    My Journey with Mark began 2 weeks ago, almost a year to the day that i had, what was termed, a potential life changing injury. The 10th of October... read more

    Rachael Day Avatar Rachael Day
    1st October 2019
  • To anyone who is struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, PTSD, fear of crowds/flying/etc Mark Marsland is your man. I can't recommend him enough. I speak from... read more

    Mel MacAndrew Avatar Mel MacAndrew
    1st October 2019

    Mark has worked with our amateur boxing club providing our boxers with the tools to enhance their mental strength and belief. He treats them as individuals and tailors each... read more

    Harry Harrison Avatar Harry Harrison
    1st October 2020

    Wow what can i say about this book Its a must have! wow what a man what a journey!! Guaranteed you will be hooked and the rolling of emotions is... read more

    Louise Stalford Avatar Louise Stalford
    1st October 2019
  • I first met Mark back in 1988. I had some issues with depression and anxiety. When the pandemic started last year I could feel the anxiety creeping back, and then... read more

    Rebecca Davis Avatar Rebecca Davis
    1st October 2021

    when I found mark I had been suffering with debilitating anxiety which was just getting worse! Mark is such a positive and knowledgeable man who has given me back my... read more

    Emma Sams Avatar Emma Sams
    1st October 2018

    What a guy! Known this man for many years now and when we heard about his hypnotherapy experiences we had to see him. My partner was booked in for hypnobirthing... read more

    Jord South Avatar Jord South
    1st October 2017
  • I had spent several years searching for the guidance I needed, until I discovered Mark's uniquely personal and friendly approach to therapy. I didn't know what to expect from "hypnotism,"... read more

    Vivian Liu Avatar Vivian Liu
    1st October 2021

    Help me get to the bottom of my problems.

    Emma Caventer Avatar Emma Caventer
    25th September 2022

    We would like to thank Mark (aka wingman) You have been amazing with our son who is 9. He has been to 3 sessions to help with his confidence he... read more

    Donna Skate Avatar Donna Skate
    1st October 2019

Read My New Book…

‘Dying to be Happy’

This book is aimed at the 750 million people worldwide who suffer from anxiety and depression. The purpose of this book is to help people set themselves free from these crippling emotional parasites.

This book is totally unique in its outlook and approach, written in two halves it tackles the authors own journey through anxiety and depression. Then gives the reader a clear blueprint and real-life tools so they to can release themselves from the cage they feel trapped in.


Is your life is being crippled by anxieties, fears, low self esteem or depression? What about addictions, sleep deprivation or weight issues?

I can help lift that burden from your shoulders and set you free so you can enjoy life again.

Sports & Life Coaching

Do you want to sharpen your competitive edge?

Whether it’s your chosen sport, your work or your life, I can help define what success means to you can help you achieve it.

Motivational Speaking

Do you want to inspire your pupils to go on achieve great things in life or inspire your sales team to smash their ambitious sales targets?

I can deliver an action packed, inspiring keynote speech to do just that.

Get Ready. Your Breakthrough is Just Around the Corner

This is What My Clients Have to Say…

Mark Marsland Review

Vicki Doyle

Mark has changed my life. It sounds dramatic but it’s true.

The fears, the anxieties and the torment, it’s all gone. I feel calmer, more at ease and happier.

If you’ve got struggles in your life, call Mark. I’m positive he’ll change your life too…”


“I genuinely cannot thank Mark enough for what he has done for me.

He took me from the worst place I have been in, to my complete old self but X 1000. Happy, confident, positive and motivated.

I would recommend Mark to anyone, absolute top guy. Every single time I would see him I would leave smiling from ear to ear, he has literally changed my life!

What a hero!

Mark Marsland Hypnotherapy

Sarah Jackson

“I suffer like so many of us nowadays from insecurity, lack of self belief, depression and negativity, but meeting Mark changed all that.

By installing a life changing attitude he has the ability to change your outlook and the way you attack each new day. He’s an inspirational person that you will be glad you brought into your life…”