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About Mark Marsland

I like to think you found your way here for a reason, that it was no accident and somewhere on this site you will connect with whatever you need to help yourself move on…

Your life, you reading this, is totally unique to you, just as you are totally unique in every single way.

So are your problems.

Life can be a hard teacher but we learn from this journey through the mistakes we make and the suffering we come through. The knowledge we earn through this suffering is where we find the real gift, the gift of wisdom, that we get to pass on to others, BECAUSE of that suffering.

I could talk about all the successes I have had in life, business, sports etc but how is that truly helping you to understand and connect with the real me?

We do not make those connections until we take off the mask, let go of our ego’s, accept others and ourselves without prejudice or judgement. So let me take off my mask and admit…

…I was not always this man writing these words for you now.

The truth is I was a very different man, who hid behind that mask for years. When you wear that mask, when you’re faking life and not feeling it, when your disconnected from yourself and in turn others, when you are not connecting with love, nature, family, friends, exercise. You pull the plugs out of life, once these plugs are out it can be so hard to get them in again.

I know how that feels.

There was a time when to anyone looking in at my life it would appear I had everything – a very successful, multi-award winning business, the nice car, the big house, success in sports and other areas of my life…

…Yet I was at my most miserable.

A shelled out version of the man I once was, the word I use most to relate to that me back then, is ‘INVISIBLE’.

Sometimes we have to trip and fall into the deepest, darkest depths of despair. Because in those depths, blindly scrabbling around in the darkness, looking for something to desperately cling on to, we find something and bring it back.

Even then in that dark and lonely place, isolated, invisible, feeling worthless, ugly, stupid, desperate, totally alone and unable to face another unbearable hour on this planet, let alone the possibility of 30-40 years, I did find something, that shaped, changed and defined the man I am today.

That something has allowed me to do some amazing work with beautiful people.

I am here to share my story with you and I invite you to share yours with me.

You will never ever be invisible to me.

I have never met a stranger in my life. We are all connected to each other, to life and in turn the universe we still know so very little about. I have yet to meet a truly happy person who wasn’t connected, or a person of low self-esteem who was.

I hope the words I write resonate and connect with you, because I wrote them for you, to help you overcome and connect with your true self, with life and the universe.

Whether I am blessed to work with you face to face, on SKYPE or in a group/seminar or just through the medium of this website and these words, take off your mask, be you, open your heart, be real, so we can do great, wonderful, life changing magic together.

Hypnotherapy Lincolnshire

Motivational Speaking

Do you want to inspire your pupils to go on achieve great things in life or inspire your sales team to smash their ambitious sales targets?

I can deliver an action packed, inspiring keynote speech to do just that.

Sports & Life Coaching

Do you want to sharpen your competitive edge?

Whether it’s your chosen sport, your work or your life, I can help define what success means to you can help you achieve it.

Get Ready. Your Breakthrough is Just Around the Corner

This is What My Clients Have to Say…

Mark Marsland Review

Vicki Doyle

Mark has changed my life. It sounds dramatic but it’s true.

The fears, the anxieties and the torment, it’s all gone. I feel calmer, more at ease and happier.

If you’ve got struggles in your life, call Mark. I’m positive he’ll change your life too…”

Susan G

“I was struggling with a close bereavement and if it was just this one thing that Mark has helped me with then I’d be happy but there’s more.

Self-confidence, weight loss and so many ‘little’ things that are ‘knock-on’ effects from those feelings are now also resolving. I feel like a different person…”

Mark Marsland Hypnotherapy

Sarah Jackson

“I suffer like so many of us nowadays from insecurity, lack of self belief, depression and negativity, but meeting Mark changed all that.

By installing a life changing attitude he has the ability to change your outlook and the way you attack each new day. He’s an inspirational person that you will be glad you brought into your life…”