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Public Speaker

Are you struggling to write or deliver that motivational speech? Or do you need someone to come and deliver a speech to inspire and motivate others? I can speak to audiences ranging from a small classroom of kids to large corporate audiences.

Are you ready to be inspired?

Motivational / Transformational Speaking

I guess that this is a real passion for me I feel blessed working with one person and watching them transform. However when you get to work with a large audience the energy and positivity is infectious and magnified greatly.

I am very proud to be the Ambassador for the Ethan Maull Up Yours To Cancer Foundation. I get to take Ethan into schools with my ‘What is Inspiration?’ motivational/transformational program.

This is often a pupils first introduction to NLP, future programming and self-hypnosis and it’s wonderful to see them connect to Ethan, themselves and each other, teachers love it to!

I have a background in retail sales spanning 25 years running businesses alongside my practice, although they took the majority of my time for the best part of 20 years.

Castaway Tackle (my main business) went on to win many local/regional and National awards. I took this business from buying my first job lot for £40 to turning over 1 million pounds in 6 years, from a car boot to a 4500 sq ft Supermarket style warehouse, the first of its kind utilising new and used Fishing tackle and camping accessories with our PX and upgrade facility, my niche that separated us from the competition.

Due to this success I was asked to take part in the Millionaire MBA Mindset Program along with other nationally and internationally recognised entrepreneurs.

This program highlighted what it was that sets successful people apart and teaches other aspiring entrepreneurs how to use these tools to better themselves in business.

If you want to get the best out of your managers or sales force, learn how to build fast, deep, lasting rapport with others, THE most vital ingredient in ALL sales. Weaving hypnotic language, NLP into your sales pitches and demonstrations. Then I am your go to man on a business or corporate level, I can scale my services to your individual or company’s requirements.

How to lead…how to motivate…how to get the best out of yourself and your workforce…How to develop a gunslinger mentality…hitting your targets EVERY time, whilst staying, cool, calm, collected and connected.

Whether I am introducing you to your positivity bat, sword or light sabre, your negavite spray or a carbohydrate crucifix it’s a fun way to learn and inspire yourself and others to be the best version of yourself or yourselves you can be.

Sound good?


Is your life is being crippled by anxieties, fears, low self esteem or depression? What about addictions, sleep deprivation or weight issues?

I can help lift that burden from your shoulders and set you free so you can enjoy life.

Sports & Life Coaching

Do you want to sharpen your competitive edge?

Whether it’s your chosen sport, your work or your life, I can help define what success means to you can help you achieve it.

Get Ready. Your Breakthrough is Just Around the Corner

This is What My Clients Have to Say…

Mark Marsland Review

Vicki Doyle

Mark has changed my life. It sounds dramatic but it’s true.

The fears, the anxieties and the torment, it’s all gone. I feel calmer, more at ease and happier.

If you’ve got struggles in your life, call Mark. I’m positive he’ll change your life too…”

Susan G

“I was struggling with a close bereavement and if it was just this one thing that Mark has helped me with then I’d be happy but there’s more.

Self-confidence, weight loss and so many ‘little’ things that are ‘knock-on’ effects from those feelings are now also resolving. I feel like a different person…”

Mark Marsland Hypnotherapy

Sarah Jackson

“I suffer like so many of us nowadays from insecurity, lack of self belief, depression and negativity, but meeting Mark changed all that.

By installing a life changing attitude he has the ability to change your outlook and the way you attack each new day. He’s an inspirational person that you will be glad you brought into your life…”