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If you’re life isn’t quite going the way you want, if your mind is holding you back in sport, you have a sports ‘tick’, find you struggle to focus properly or simply deliver to your true potential in life or in competition.

I can help you.

Sports coaching

Whether you’re looking to improve your bike split, get in shape or overcome a mental block that’s holding you back in your chosen sport I can help you.

I have yet to meet an athlete or sportsman at the top of their game who has not harnessed the power of their mind. If it’s working against you then you are in trouble.


…Get your subconscious firing on all cylinders and you are truly on the road to achieving and releasing your full potential.

Life Coaching

Maybe you’re not connecting with work, your partner or having trouble focusing on how to move forward in your business.

You may feel stuck in your life and looking for new ideas or direction. You may want to get the best out of yourself or your work force.

Whatever your issues or problems, having me in your corner will help you realise your true potential and creativity as you work your way through whatever road blocks you’re facing.

This can be on your own as a group or course with your significant other.

Using all the wonderful tools in my ‘Life Changer Box’, you will learn to use and always be dipping into. We will get you moving forwards and upwards very quickly!


Is your life is being crippled by anxieties, fears, low self esteem or depression? What about addictions, sleep deprivation or weight issues?

I can help lift that burden from your shoulders and set you free so you can enjoy life.

Motivational Speaking

Do you want to inspire your pupils to go on achieve great things in life or inspire your sales team to smash their ambitious sales targets?

I can deliver an action packed, inspiring keynote speech to do just that.

Get Ready. Your Breakthrough is Just Around the Corner

This is What My Clients Have to Say…

Mark Marsland Review

Vicki Doyle

Mark has changed my life. It sounds dramatic but it’s true.

The fears, the anxieties and the torment, it’s all gone. I feel calmer, more at ease and happier.

If you’ve got struggles in your life, call Mark. I’m positive he’ll change your life too…”


“I genuinely cannot thank Mark enough for what he has done for me.

He took me from the worst place I have been in, to my complete old self but X 1000. Happy, confident, positive and motivated.

I would recommend Mark to anyone, absolute top guy. Every single time I would see him I would leave smiling from ear to ear, he has literally changed my life!

What a hero!

Mark Marsland Hypnotherapy

Sarah Jackson

“I suffer like so many of us nowadays from insecurity, lack of self belief, depression and negativity, but meeting Mark changed all that.

By installing a life changing attitude he has the ability to change your outlook and the way you attack each new day. He’s an inspirational person that you will be glad you brought into your life…”